Parents Shouldn’t Kid Themselves

In western Kentucky, we live in mostly rural areas.  Our towns are mostly small, and we know our neighbors fairly well.  Our churches are primarily in the 100-member range, and we have likely known everyone there most of our lives.  And our schools are small.  Some are just an extension of our tight-knit communities.

So schools can be a lot like our politicians: we think every one of them is in bad shape except for ours.  We tend to look at them through rose-colored glasses.  Maybe that’s because we went to school there, or we know so many of the teachers.  In fact, your child may have the same teachers you did.  It becomes easy for us to believe that our school hasn’t been infected by outside influences.

But that’s not true.

I have personally been a teacher in three different school systems in the area, and have known educators in several schools.  Some are wonderful at their jobs.  Some aren’t.  I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know.  But that’s no different than it was thirty years ago.

What people don’t tend to realize is that none of that matters as much anymore.  Teachers have become babysitters who spend more than half their school year administering tests of one type or another.  Ask them off the record and they will tell you that the frustration level with their jobs has increased over the past five or ten years.  They don’t feel they have any control over anything in their own classroom.

When I went back to school to get my teaching certificate several years ago, one of my own elementary teachers asked me if I were crazy.  I thought she was joking.  I found out she wasn’t.  In just five years, I came to the conclusion that a school today isn’t what we experienced when we were younger.  Whether it’s the quality of education, the discipline of students, the safety of everyone in the building, it has all taken a turn for the worse.

And it’s not getting any better.

Unfortunately, this has nothing to do with our local educators.  It has nothing to do with our school boards or administrators or teachers or staff, even if you have some bad apples.  If it did, we could fix things just by firing and hiring some key positions.  No, this all goes much higher than the people you know.  The wheels are coming off because of tampering from state and federal levels.  And those folks aren’t going to put their wrenches away any time soon.

Politicians depend on money, and lobbying groups have it.  And those special interest conglomerates don’t have the best interest of your child in mind.  Some are just out to increase their bottom lines (test writers, textbook companies, tech manufacturers).  But there are other groups who want to change your child’s mind about the values you are seeking to instill in them.  So they spend their money on politicians, and the politicians pass laws that require schools to host this program or integrate that curriculum.  So whether you like it or not – or even know it or not – your child, from as early as preschool, is getting an education you would never want for them.

Just this afternoon (August 3), I heard that a school system in Tennessee had an unusually high number of parents inform the local system their children would not be attending public schools this fall.  I would say without reservation that an increasing number of public school systems are hearing that same thing this year.

You have a choice as well.

You cannot kid yourselves that the problems we see in larger school systems are not going to rear their ugly heads here.  And you can’t ignore that what starts small won’t grow until your child is adversely affected.

School begins in the public school systems here in one week, give or take a day.  Even if your child starts the year in public schools, you have the right to pull them and find a better alternative.

We at the 22:6 Academy are still offering you a chance to have peace of mind about what your child is learning and in what environment.

But time is running out.

If we have just six children enroll, we can open this year.  We are also offering for those who enroll this year a 10% discount on tuition when we open our private school in the near future.

Remember, we offer a non-denominational approach to all of our subjects.  We teach the core content subjects (language arts, science, math, and social studies), as well as Bible and logic.  We will guide you through the electives, which are much easier than you think.  We will also offer a number of educational opportunities outside the classroom.  We will maintain your child’s records.

Contact us today with your questions.

(270) 667-2852 (Providence Church of Christ)

(270) 635-2171 (Morgan McKinley)


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